Friday, March 31, 2006

Lotsa news

And the Tribune-Review has it first.

As predicted yesterday, Matt Capps has made the team instead of Terry Adams (wasn't he on The Munsters or something?). Santos beat out Duckworth for the fifth spot. Hernandez made the team. And most importantly and surprisingly, McLouth is in and Gerut will go to AAA.

I just discussed the McLouth development with Zeke on the phone, and he is still angry. He expects the Bucs to play Duffy too much and McLouth not enough and thinks they should have sent Duffy down instead of Gerut. So he's getting himself worked up preemptively.

This is what happens to baseball fans who come of age during the reign of a bad manager and general manager such as McClendon and Littlefield. They've been too traumatized to even imagine something better. They're like dogs who are beaten frequently when they are pups. Everytime someone walks in the room, they flinch. They're like kids who grow up in abusive alcoholic homes--scarred for life.

Hey--the Pirates kept a 22-year-old fireballer based on his spring performance, and they gave a guy who was previously undervalued in the organization a chance to make the team based on spring performance, and he did. Enjoy it! Don't be like the lifer in prison who gets out on parole and doesn't know how to eat lunch without reaching for a tray and standing in line. You're free!


Blogger ezekiel2517 said...

You're probably right... I've conditioned myself to expect the worst. But I just do not want to see McLouth rotting on the bench, because it will be so detrimental to his development. After a month, if one of the two CFs is trouncing the other, send the loser down to AAA.

That's my take, anyways.

8:01 PM  

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