Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tracy is upbeat about his new team

He tells Bill Madden of the N.Y. Daily News all about it.

During today's broadcast, Lanny described Tracy as a combination of Chuck Tanner and Jim Leyland. I guess this is meant to suggest some combination of optimism and intensity. Well, we'll see...

Meanwhile, this article is another example of an old warhorse newspaper writer using admiration for Tracy as an opportunity to pile on against Paul DePodesta. Baseball orthodoxy has a hard time denying the success of Billy Beane other than the silly attempt to diminish the A's successes by citing their failures in the post-season. Instead, writers like Madden and others seize the opportunity to gloat about the failures of Beane's former lieutenants, DePodesta and Ricciardi, with LA and Toronto respectively.

Here in Pittsburgh, we would love to have an opportunity to see our team fail in the post-season. As painful as it was, 1990-1992 now seems like the Golden Age.


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