Saturday, March 25, 2006

Versatility is one of Bautista's valuabilities

So says new Bucs third base coach/infield instructor Jeff Cox:

"One of his valuabilities in future years is going to be his versatility, so if there's ever a time to move around the diamond it's during spring training and then go from there."

Bautista's emergence is one of the positivities of this spring. Another is Jim Tracy who, most importantly, is not Lloyd McClendon. However,
"Does he have a home at third base?" Tracy mused. "He sure does. He has a chance to be a regular player at the major-league level.

Is Tracy's tendency in interviews to pose a question and then answer it beginning to annoy me nearly as much McClendon's tendency to refer to his players as "young men" and "kids"?

Yes, it is.

"Is this guy having a terrific spring?" Tracy asked rhetorically. "You'd better believe he is. He should be very, very proud of the spring training he's had."


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