Thursday, April 06, 2006

6-5 Reds over Pirates

This one made me want to throw a Mike Gonzales fastball through my television screen.

Duffy. can't. hit. His offense last year was a mirage. And his highly-touted defense failed to come through when we needed it. This is a case where I think defense is nowhere near as important as offense because there are around 4 balls hit to a centerfielder on a given day; if McLouth is a butcher out there (which I'm sure he won't be), his offensive talents will overshadow it. Duffy so far has looked like a deer in the headlights every time he's been pitched to, and in the field he's done nothing but haul in routine fly balls that McLouth would have no problems with.

Defense is an overrated aspect of the game because it is largely based on selective memory. Probably what separates Duffy from McLouth defensively since their promotions last year was the show Chris put on for the PNC Park fans. Perhaps McLouth didn't dazzle, but he got the job done, and only had one more error than Duffy.

With all this in mind, I think it's a joke to consider Chris Duffy a major league center fielder. As I've said before, he will be lucky to hit .275 with a .300 OBP. In the leadoff spot, that is pitiful. I hope he makes me a liar. Afterall, it's only four games. But Tracy better damn well give Nate a start tomorrow.

Still, Randa and Doumit both going yard was pleasurable. But this loss came down to offensive ineptitude from Duffy, Casey, and Burnitz. Cincinnatti leaving that many on base and still winning is a crying shame.

Boys, if you can't hit off of Eric Milton tomorrow, you're utterly hopeless.


Anonymous bill stiteler said...

I'm not selling yet, I say let the boy play a little bit more. It's still a tad bit early.

7:01 PM  

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