Saturday, April 15, 2006

Humberto Cota

is my least favorite Pirate. I f***ing hate this guy. He has NO approach at the plate, his defense is RIDICULOUSLY OVERRATED (and who gives a **** about defense when he hits .150????!?!?!), he has no speed because he's a catcher. He is a journeyman at best. What a joke.

RELEASE COTA. FOR GOD'S SAKES. This is misery watching this guy hit. I could put up a higher average than this scum.

I realize this a step down from the usual intelligent discussion initiated on this weblog, but I just can't take this anymore. Humberto Cota is a ****ing bum.



Blogger Billy said...

Easy; it's a long season.

Baseball Prospectus says this about Brad Ausmus: "Sherri Nichols long ago coined the 'Nichols Law of Catcher Defense,' which states that a catcher's defensive reputation will be inversely proportional to his offensive contribution."

Cota was a liability at the plate tonight, but he did make a couple of important defensive plays, the caught stealing and the block of the pitch in the dirt in the 8th.

We didn't have anyone else to catch tonight with Doumit still nursing the hamstring--which is preferable to having him come back too soon and pull it. If you think you hate Cota now, imagine that scenario.

Cota is a short-term placeholder for Doumit and Paulino, and he's better and cheaper than Benito Santiago.

9:39 PM  

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