Saturday, April 15, 2006

SAT test item about our new fifth outfielder

Omar Moreno : Chuck Tanner

Gary Varsho : Jim Leyland

John Wehner : Jim Leyland

Tike Redman : Lloyd McClendon

Rob Mackowiak : Lloyd McClendon

Jose Hernandez : Jim Tracy

______________ : Jim Tracy

Answer: Our new fifth outfielder, Mike Edwards.

My definition of the kind of guy I'm identifying here: a player who is on the team not necessarily for quantifiable, easily identifiable skills, but because, for whatever reason, the manager likes having him around.

Mackowiak is kind of an outlier here because he had more useful skills than the others.

Moreno had the one good year, 1979, and because that was the year we won it all, not many people remember just how bad he was in many other years. And his high stolen base totals distracted people from his dismal on-base skills. He's on the list because Tanner actually brought him in to play for him in Atlanta after Tanner left the Pirates and way after Moreno had anything left. In the Baseball Abstract that year, Bill James named him the worst baseball player in the major leagues.

Meanwhile, on the subject of why we needed to bring Edwards in, Rowdy was right in his post a while back (couldn't find it on his site) stating that the apparent dilemma of Craig Wilson would very likely work itself out in the course of the season.


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