Sunday, April 30, 2006 quotes Pittsburgh bloggers

Charlie from Bucs Dugout and I are quoted in this article at about the possibility of Mark Cuban buying the Pirates and our opinions about the current ownership.

If you've been following the ravings on this site regularly, you'll have seen all of my stuff before. Speaking of strident ravings, I'll be on KDKA radio on Sunday at 11:05 tomorrow with Rob Pratte on Pirates Sunday, right before the Pirates go for a sweep (did I actually just write that?). Luck evens out over time. We were lucky to win that one tonight, but bad luck lost us a few earlier in the season.

We go on right before the Dave Littlefield show, which is something like airing an interview with Michael Moore right before a presidential address by George Bush. It would be great if some readers of this blog would give us a call on Pirates Sunday to, uh, elevate the discussion a bit.


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