Friday, April 28, 2006

Tracy's pregame interview

Listened in the car tonight. Talking about the Wednesday game against St. Louis, he raved about Hernandez's at bat that tied the game and then bemoaned the Pirates' continuing inability to get the big hit. As an illustration, guess what game situation he cited? Yep, Craig Wilson's GIDP. Not a murmer about Wilson's two-run homer, though. The bizarre scapegoating of Craig Wilson by this organization just never ends.

Tracy attributed the Pirates' problems to two causes: the bad starting pitching and the inability to get the big hit in key situations. For a refutation of the latter argument, here's the Stats Geek. Again, not a murmer about the atrocious production from Duffy and McLouth in the leadoff slot or the slow starts from Randa and Burnitz.

If this is the kind of analysis we are going to get from our new manager, we may as well have kept the old one.


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