Monday, May 15, 2006

Latest from Rob & Rany on the Royals

I love reading Joe Posnanski and Rob & Rany about the Royals.

This is my favorite part of the latest from Rob & Rany:
...was last night's game the most depressing Royals game of all time? I ask that not because the Royals got ripped, 11 to 1...I ask because this was the starting lineup, with their current ages in parentheses:

Kerry Robinson (32)
Mark Grudzielanek (35)
Doug Mientkiewicz (31)
Reggie Sanders (38)
Matt Stairs (38)
Tony Graffanino (33)
Aaron Guiel (33)
Angel Berroa (28)
Paul Bako (33)

And these were the pitchers:
Mark Redman (32)
Chris Booker (29)
Joel Peralta (30)

The Royals are not just 10-25, owners of the worst record in baseball as I write this. After losing 100 games in each of the last two years, they have still found a way to play an entire game in which every single player who made an appearance was 28 or older, and therefore (statistically speaking) on the downslope of his career.

This is a truly historic achievement.
Reggie Sanders and Matt Stairs in the 4-5 holes! Will they acquire Kenny Lofton and become a 2003 Pirates tribute band?


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