Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Perrotto's head-scratcher today

The logic of this article today by the usually sensible John Perrotto of the Beaver County Times escapes me. Perrotto is arguing that what looks to almost everyone else in Pittsburgh, including the Stats Geek, like a bug (stubborn unwillingness to admit a mistake by taking positive action) is really a feature (patience and persistance).

OK, so the Pirates are choosing to stick with Randa over Sanchez at third, although Sanchez is making that increasingly difficult. Is that a smart decision or not? That depends on whether Randa ever produces at the expected level. If he does, then Tracy's patience will prove to have been a virtue; if he doesn't, then it will prove to have been a vice. From here, it just looks like the same sort of obstinacy we saw for years from Tracy's predecessor. And it's simply weird to be praising Tracy for it, as Perrotto does here.

The Tigers are 11 and 3 since Jim Leyland threw his tantrum. Would you follow historical precedent today and trade Humberto Cota for Jim Leyland?

The Perrotto article is via Bucs Dugout, where Charlie also has today's must-read article on the Pirates, comparing the Brewers' handling of Bill Hall with the Pirates' handling of Freddy Sanchez. Brewers fans get creativity from their team's management; Pirates fans get PR, BS, and spurious arguments that defy logic and reason.

Read the whole thing.


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