Friday, May 12, 2006

The sad fate of the lottery winner

Ever read a story about someone who wins the lottery and then leads a life of misery and disappointment? Here's another one.
"...This is the first team I've been on in a couple years where I'm Joe High-Paid Free Agent. That in and of itself should tell you the big picture that the team's in. If I'm just another guy on one of those big-market, big-paying teams ... that's not the way it is here, and I understand that. I'm cool with it."

He paused.

"If I have to wear through this all season and stink, you won't see me quit."
Only one team in baseball was dumb enough to give Jeromy Burnitz $6 million at this point in his career. Burnitz is the latest lottery winner to learn that money doesn't buy happiness.


Anonymous D$ said...

I read the Kovacevic article from your link and thought it was a joke at first. It sounds like something from The Onion given the condition of this team. The Yankees they ain't.

8:55 PM  

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