Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two must-read columns today

I can't add much to these two columns from today's papers by Brian O'Neill and Jon Perrotto.

That this point of view is now visible in two local papers means something. Romo Phone Home, Bucs Dugout, Van Slyke, and Honest Wagner have been narrowcasting these messages for a while now. The more they are broadcasted, the sooner Pirates ownership will have to respond in some more substantial way than what we've seen so far. Although I've written frequently that I doubted that Littlefield would be fired before his contract expires, I'm beginning to imagine a plausible scenario in which he gets fired this year.

I've been watching this team make inexplicable decisions for years now--we all have--but I never remember a time in which their decision making seemed quite this random and irrational. Perrotto captures this irrationality perfectly. We have moved from the merely unwise and foolish to the realm of the Red Queen.

Off with their heads!


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