Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Brandon Duckworth era ends

Traded to the Royals. Hope we don't come to regret this one.

So who goes when Kip comes back? One more bad outing and Perez will be a lock to go down. But what if he pitches well? Seems to me that a package with Santos and Craig Wilson ought to get us something useful.

Kudos to Tracy for benching Burnitz against a righty after his execrable game the other night when he left a starting lineup's worth of baserunners on base and helped to botch a catchable popup. However, he is back in there today.


Anonymous bucdaddy said...

Just got done watching KD's Sunday night Shout Show, and somebody (maybe Steigerwald) made this point, with which I agree wholeheartedly: essentially, who the hell is Kip Wells that they have to clear a rotation spot for him? What has he done, exactly? He had a good season two years ago? Well, so did Ollie. Ollie at his best is lights-out better than Wells and he has a future with the team. Wells doesn't. They'll deal him for a bag of balls by July 31. Get real, people: the guy lost 18 games last year with awful peripheral numbers. Nobody in baseball put more batters on base via BB + HBP than Kip Wells. Yet when he went down in spring training you'd think we'd just lost Bob Gibson, to hear some people. Why do we give a rat's ass about this guy?

The best answer I can give myself is something akin to Stockholm Syndrome.

12:23 AM  

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