Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gammons: No Pirates/Cards trade talk about Craig

Peter Gammons just said on Sunday Night Baseball that Walt Jocketty says he has not been talking to the Pirates about Craig Wilson.

It's that time of the season again. Last year it was Lawton, the year before it was Benson, and this year it's Craig Wilson. It's important to remember that almost nothing that gets written about ever ends up happening.


Anonymous bucdaddy said...

Free Craig Wilson!

12:41 AM  
Anonymous bucdaddy said...

Why don't we take the Wainwright-for-Wilson deal, if that's what it is, ship Torres to the Yankees or whoever needs a decent reliever for money or a bag of balls, and give Wainwright Torres' job?

It also seems to me that instead of worrying over where Wells is going to fit in when he's ready, we offer him to a team desperate for pitching (like the Mets, who for God's sake picked up Jose Lima not that long ago) for a bag of balls and be done with him.

But really, I don't think we should be dealing with teams like the Cardinals and the Yankees, teams that know what they're doing, because I just know (and so do you) that Littlefield would get his pocket picked by the likes of Jocketty and Cashman, even for spare parts.

The team we probably ought to be dealing with (and you guys can shred me if you think I'm wrong, and I know you will) is, of all teams, Tampa Bay. The Rays seem to develop scads of good young outfielders but have exactly one pitcher anywhere approaching -- exactly the opposite of the Pirates. Plus it's unlikely either G.M. is capable of consciously hosing the other. I don't have anybody specifically in mind, though it would be great if we could pry somebody like Carl Crawford away for a couple arms. I just see a way for two bad teams to help each other get a little better.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Billy said...

Now that it is trade time, which usually arrives a couple of months into the season with our Pirates, it seems that everyone on the blogs and message boards begins advocating trades whose effect would be to extricate us from bad decisions we made over the winter that haven't worked out. The fallacy behind this advocacy is that the person doing the trading--Dave Littlefield--is that same person who made the dumb decisions. This tells me that the trades we advocate are unlikely to be completed.

Yes, I wish we could trade Torres to extricate ourselves from the dumb contract we signed with him. I would think, though, that the existence of the contract is going to make him a lot harder to trade.

About Wells: I remember suffering through Wells's erratic starts last year, his maddening inconsistency, his torturous nibbling, and all of that. Nevertheless, Wells is a talented pitcher who is going to figure it out one day, and I wouldn't mind at all if he were to figure it out in a Pirates uniform. He lost 18 games last year, but he also played for a very bad team. And I have to believe that some of his problems were related to circulation problems that have now been corrected by his surgery.

As for Tampa Bay, they have been a bad team, but they are currently run by some very smart and creative guys; so I would say that the potential for us to get fleeced by Tampa Bay is at least as good as getting fleeced by the Cardinals or Yankees. And Cashman? Don't forget that he signed Tony Womack and acquired Terrence Long to play in left field. He is not necessarily a genius.

12:58 PM  

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