Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All-Star week

Well, my father and sister went to the Home Run Derby last night, so I'll let BP weigh in on that himself, but from a television viewer's standpoint, the event was pretty sweet. Watching Ortiz and Howard tear the Allegheny up was certainly entertaining. I'm also glad Howard won... it kind of exposes the Pirates' desperate need for a lefthanded slugger that doesn't have a .277 on-base percentage.

BP and I are attending the ASG tonight in our OFFICIAL Irate Fans shirts. We'll boo Tracy, cheer Bay (and Sanchez if he gets an AB), and maybe start some "Cuban, Cuban, Cuban" chants. It's gonna be a blast, no doubt.

And then when the break's over we can go back to our masochistic habit of watching actual Pirates games.


Blogger seaks said...

how was the response to the Irate Fans T-shirts?

10:06 AM  

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