Friday, July 14, 2006

New look Buccos

If we're going to "shake up the lineup" for the drive toward mediocrity in the second half, how about doing the one thing that might actually help and that clearly needs to be done: move Jack Wilson down in the order?


Anonymous Joseph said...

I agree, and here is something else that bugs me about the 7/14 lineup. Why is Bautista hitting behind Castllio, 2b is 0-3, CF is 3-3 with a HR. Ah whats up here, shouldn't Bautista hit 2nd,, put J.Wilson at 6,Castillo at 7 and Ronny at 8. Wait, I know why, CAUSE IT WOULD MAKE TO MUCH DAMN SENSE. But if we look to this team to do things like make sense and win games we are not gonna find it. I read something about Tracey "losing the clubhouse", well you would lose me to if I kept getting put down in the order for someone that I am hitting better then. I don't wanna bash any of these guys, they all have there place on the team but get them in the right place is all I am asking. Rant over, thanks.yglcutu

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