Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wisdom from our Buccos

Great day for quotes in this morning's Post-Gazette.
"I think we have a number of players who are very conscious of the things we didn't do well enough in the first half," Tracy said. "There is an awareness of what went awry."
And as we all know, awareness is the first step toward solving a problem. This guy is so positive, he makes Chuck Tanner look like Patti Smith. At least one player, though, professes to have given up on thinking at some time earlier in his life.
"...I realized a while back that the world doesn't make a lot of sense, so trying to understand it doesn't make sense," Burnitz said. "I'm not judging it. It just is what it is."
I would guess that a statement like that would effectively end a conversation with a reporter sticking a microphone in your face. So rather than interpreting Mr. Burnitz's comment as a reflection on the essential inscrutability of reality, I take his odd statement to mean, "Please go away now, Paul."


Anonymous Greg Schuler said...

To be fair, the Burnitz comment had to do with why he was booed in Milwaukee.

However, if Paul Meyer came up to ask me some questions, I would either hug him like Harold Reynolds or say something so obtuse he would walk away with a quzzical look on his face the rest of the day.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous PC said...

The Tao of Jeremy

12:53 PM  

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