Sunday, August 13, 2006


Top of the eighth, Bucs up 6-0, men on second and third, Capps vs. Miles. A hit puts the Cardinals back in the game. Miles fouls off a bunch of pitches, then Capps strikes him out with a fastball outside the plate. "Yeah!" I yell, clapping my hands and irritating my wife who is blogging next to me.

Camera pans to Tracy, watching from the bench as Miles strikes out. Nothing. He sits there chewing his cud. Cerebral guy, that Tracy.


Anonymous bucdaddy said...

I'm sorry for being contrary and all but geez, Billy, they kick the crap out of the best ... well, the FIRST-PLACE team in the division three straight, a team that's tormented them for years, the pitching is beautiful, and THIS is what you choose to focus on? The manager didn't jump up and down like a sugared-up 7-year-old on his birthday because his reliever did his job?

All right already! An Excitable Boy he's not. 99 percent of the time Torre looks like he's asleep in the dugout and who thinks that's a problem? Guess you can get away with that when you manage a real team.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Billy said...

It was a good series all right. Wish I could have been to at least one of those games. My tickets are for tonight, though, and Victor Santos is on the mound. That's another example of that elusive quality that I call "bad luck."

5:32 AM  
Anonymous bucdaddy said...

You don't know the half of it: I didn't tell you this because it didn't pan out, but I attempted to secure those same seats we used earlier this year for the same foursome to see this 7-0 waxing of the Cards. Unfortunately, they had been allocated to someone else about a week earlier, someone who got to see the win that has eluded me all season.

9:37 AM  

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