Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Let's pause from other weightier topics for a moment to appreciate the engaging goofiness of last night's game, ably described here by Charlie at Bucs Dugout.

My favorite moment was the reaction by Zambrano after he personally blew his second opportunity to get an inning-ending double play. The always-expressive Zambrano exhibited a perfect amalgam of levity at the absurdity of it all and purple rage, which ended in an outburst of what appeared to be Spanish obscenities. I was wishing I understood Spanish and could read lips.


Anonymous Bern1 said...

For all the angst and despair that is associated with this year’s edition of the Pirates, last night’s game was fun to watch. Zambrano’s entertaining, to say the least.

The Bucs can turn a double play, and the Cubs can’t.

The late 6-4-3 double play turned by the Pirates was borderline remarkable. Great pivot and throw by Castillo, and a fine grab by Nady. All clutch. Contrast that to the ineptitude displayed by the Cubs’ middle infielders, and all is goodness.

I wonder if Doumit would have made that play and, while I am not a Jim Tracy fan, he deserves credit for the triple switch that put Nady at first and in position to make that play.

Whatever. On to the next game.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Billy said...

Nady came to Pittsburgh with a reputation as a poor defensive player, but he has looked good at first base. He seems to like Cubs pitching, too. But who wouldn't?

8:57 PM  

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