Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Minimalist baseball

I had meetings all afternoon at work today, so I had to give my tickets to a friend. I try to monitor the afternoon games when I can, which I mostly did on my phone today. Bucs bats looking good early, coming back from an unsurprisingly poor outing by Santos. Then watched as the Cubs started chipping away, chipping away, chipping away...

Walked from my office to the CMU campus--about a 25-minute walk--for another meeting at 4:00, following the 7-7 tie on the phone as the game went into extra innings. Put the phone in my pocket during the meeting, keeping it open, figuring I would catch the final score when the meeting was over.

Meeting over...damn, 11th inning, and the Cubs have gone ahead. Walked down to the bus stand on Forbes to wait for a 67. Hmm, looks like we have a little something going on. Cota up again, with a chance to redeem his reputation as Mr. Clutch. Funny how we don't talk about that much anymore. Hey, now it's 9-8.

Bautista. Another key late-game walk. Freddy up with the bases loaded! 1 for 5 today. Even if he gets a hit and goes 2 for 6, his average still drops a little. Come on, Freddy!

Shit, 0 and 2. Come on, damnit, reload. Reload, damnit. Come on, reload. Agh, we probably lost. I know we lost.

At last, the display changes:


Anonymous bucdaddy said...

Ain't technology grand?

Did you take that photo with your OTHER cell? :-)

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Eric said...

It was quite the game - I ended up bringing a friend from work and we had a grand old time, both watching the game and heckling Tracy. At one point, after what seemed like the sixth pitching change, I stood up as Tracy walked back to the dugout from the mound and yelled, "Tracy, I've got my glove and everything, why don't ya put me in next!" He was either not amused or he was gassy - I couldn't tell which it was from the look on his face.

Despite a slow start, Santos was good for two at-bats that initially looked damning and proved otherwise, Wilson did a great job in his turn as pinch hitter and Freddie ... well ... ya gotta love Freddy. He was chasing more corner pitches than I've seen before, but he got the job done. The place started to empty out by the 9th and those that walked missed a great game. You're right - I owe you big time for the tickets!

12:49 AM  

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