Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This deserves syndication

This post, from a comments thread at Honest Wagner, deserves whatever additional attention I can give it here:
You know what? All sarcasm and wailing aside, whatever happens in the rest of his career, I hope we always remember Freddy Sanchez' performance this season. 12-0 and he's working Roy Oswalt, and he gets a double out of it. How long do you think Aramis Ramirez would have worked that count?

We have turned Craig Wilson into an icon here. His greatness in our minds has far outgrown his actual performance. Part of that is because his performance is compared to other Pirates, part of that is because he's a goofy, likeable guy, part of that is because he was marginalized by the Littlefied regime. None of this is to say that he shouldn't have gotten loads of at bats, and that Burnitz and Casey should not have blocked his path; just to say that, like Obi-wan Kenobi, having been struck down by Darth Littlefield, Craiggers has become more powerful than DL could have imagined.

The legend of Craig Wilson represents the darkest part of the Dave Littlefield Era. Craig is an unhappy ending for everything awful that this regime is.

So is Freddy Sanchez. Sure, he can flat hit -- but he doesn't have any POWER! How can he be a third baseman? Better to bid against ourselves for Joe Randa. Yeah, well. Freddy Sanchez, too, is a symbol of this regime's malfeasance -- but a happy ending, and maybe even a sign that hope is a good thing, and like all good things, hope never dies.

All hail Freddy.
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Anonymous KPatrick said...

Thanks, Billy. Any time you can steal from Mark Twain, George Lucas and Stephen King in one comments thread, you've had a good day, is how I see it.

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Anonymous Soup said...


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Blogger Rory said...

"I can use his malfeasance to establish leverage. Otherwise, it's just malfeasance for malfeasance's sake."

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Anonymous Bern1 said...

Then there's this comment about the Craig Wilson scenario from the Astros Nation blog:

"Chacon then found his butt traded to Pittsburgh for Craig Wilson. Someday, I would LUUUVVV to have someone explain WHY in the name of all that’s holy, WHY the Pirates Organization didn’t like or want a very very good and useful player like him."

"You can see why the Yankees prefered Craig Wilson, who the Pirates Organization seems to have hated from day 1 (PLEEEZE do not ask me why - it’s one of those deep mysteries of the universe) to Shawn Chacon. You can also see why the Pirates won’t never win nothing but scorn. I really DO feel sorry for the guys on the team and I gotta take my hat off to their fans. When us Stros fans start grousing bout this or that we need to remember that at least OUR owner actually WANTS to win."

You see? As Jim Tracy would say, "You have to WANT to win."

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