Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is good news

From the Beaver-County Times via a post by Wilbur Miller at
1 A source close to the Nutting family indicates that Pirates ownership is losing patience with General Manager Dave Littlefield and may fire him at the end of the season, even though they extended his contract one year through the 2008 season on opening day. If Littlefield is let go, his waterloo will have been acquiring $18.5-million worth of declining veterans in Sean Casey, Joe Randa and Jeromy Burnitz last winter and getting little production

2 The Pirates' payroll in 2007 almost certainly will be less than this year's opening-day figure of $47 million. Part of that has to do with the fact that the Pirates figure to have a younger team and part stems from ownership realizing the only thing raising the payroll got them this year was a 14th consecutive losing season.
1. This makes sense and seems credible. If it were my money, I'd be unhappy too.

2. I'd be fine with a lower payroll next year. Let the pitchers build on a year of difficult experience and keep playing the young guys until they clearly establish themselves as either players or pretenders. And hire a general manager who can tell the difference.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that they get that it's ok to raise payroll to pay for players in their prime instead of washed up guys.

No one in this orgainization gets it.

8:36 PM  
Blogger Steeltown Mike said...

I think another reason the payroll won't be as high is because there's no incentive to...heheh...possibly building a team that's hanging in there for when the MLB world descends upon your ballpark for the Midsummer Classic.

1:07 PM  

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