Sunday, September 03, 2006

Some love for Salomon Torres

It's a shame that game wasn't on TV last night, because it was a good one. Torres was brilliant in the last two innings. In the eighth, after giving up singles to Pujols and Rolen followed by a sacrifice and an intentional walk to Molina (the wisdom of which was debated by the Cardinals announcers), Torres struck out Ronnie Belliard and Preston Wilson, then got Pujols to bounce out harmlessly in a Pujols moment in the ninth, poised for a walk-off two-run homer but decisively denied.

Torres is a freak. How do you lead the league in appearances and still seem to get stronger as the year winds down?

Freddy was 1 for 4 at the plate, but played inspired defense at short all night, drawing raves from the Cardinals announcers. We don't lose much on defense if anything with Freddy at short and Jack on the bench. What a player Freddy is.


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