Sunday, March 19, 2006

More Craig talk

Most of the buzz I'm reading in blogland continues to be about whether or not we are shopping Craig Wilson, and whether or not we should be. What would concern me most if we did trade him is how we would replace the role that many of us agree he shouldn't be playing in the first place--number one righthanded hitter off the bench (as opposed to starting right fielder or starting first baseman).

Suppose that we do trade Craig for a starting pitcher--and Pat is correct in his comment to a previous post that it will take more than Craig to pry Clement loose from the Red Sox--who becomes the righthanded power hitter who spells Burnitz and/or Casey against tough lefties, replaces one of the two when they get injured, and faces the other team's LOOGY in the late innings? I can't think of anyone else in the organization who is ready to do that. Trading Wilson would open a spot on the roster for McLouth, but we'd then be seriously deficient in righties on the bench. Or, instead of McLouth, do you take a pass on the Eldred-at-AAA idea and add him to the roster, with all his blemishes?


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